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Blue Sky Solutions can manage all of your Kronos application needs from start to finish. From module build outs to training manuals and support, our technical experts have proven experience and knowledge to quickly and affordably launch your new solution. Here are some examples.









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Olin Corp, a global manufacturer and distributor of chemical products, upgraded the entire company to Kronos, transitioning from a homegrown system that was outdated and unable to support their growing business. Blue Sky resources supported Olin Corp with their transition to Kronos v8 with affordable resources who are knowledgeable experts in Kronos applications.

Maine Health is a family of hospitals, labs and physicians and recently rolled out an advanced scheduler module in the Kronos software. This new module supports their nursing and staffing needs, and hiring Kronos experts was a priority to get this critical workflow up and running. Blue Sky team members support Maine Health in implementing and utilizing Advanced Scheduler.

T-Mobile, an American wireless network operator, has complex tables, calculations and management of employee timekeeping and payroll processes. Blue Sky resources were chosen to assist T-Mobile in setting up Kronos tables to efficiently track shift premiums, overtime calculations, geographic locations, weekend pay and more.

The Detroit Medical Center serves the Detroit Metro area, and streamlining scheduling for nursing and other clinical staff was critical to efficient operations. Blue Sky resources assisted Detroit Medical Center with production support for the Kronos advanced scheduler module. Blue Sky spearheaded training and project planning to improve the nursing unit’s scheduling efficiencies.

Pfizer, an American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation needed Kronos application expertise for their Timekeeper, Attendance, Integration, Accruals modules configuration and implementations. Blue Sky resources are Kronos experts and enabled a seamless rollout of Kronos applications and updates to support the Pfizer teams in launching new functionality.

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) hospitals implemented Kronos Advanced Scheduler to support clinician schedules across the state. Advanced Scheduler setup and production support was provided by Blue Sky Solutions through affordable, reliable and high quality resources that are Kronos experts.

WestRock, a global paper and packaging supplier, deployed Kronos solutions and needed expert support with Timekeeper, activities and implementations modules. Blue Sky resources quickly and cost-effectively supported WestRock to meet their Kronos application needs.

Cree is a market leader in LED technology and sought Blue Sky Solutions production support for their Kronos applications. Blue Sky Solutions provided technical expertise and support, Accruals application help and training to end users on new Kronos modules.

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